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06 May 2016 @ 07:05 pm
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night  

Welcome to ellys_showcase 

Under the cut you will find links to all my icons posts for all fandoms.
RULES: credit [info]ellymelly | no hotlinking | icons are not bases | comments are

seduced by an arachnid
[+113 icons from kali]

the naughty vamp collection
[+224   Nikola Tesla and Helen Magnus icons from SLEEPERS]

intoxicate and kill me
[+83 icons from perfume]

{ wander with me this way for the rest of the icons }

not an empty motto
[ +33 icons from the webisodes ]

vintage science
 { +94 icons from king and country }

tear the curtain

trail of blood

these memories of you
[ +76 icons + one from the trailer ]

once mighty now forgotten
[ +59 icons from Sleepers ]

damn vampires
[ +53 Nikola Tesla icons ]

a history of science
[ +29 Sanctuary icons ]

i can't work with this!!!
[ +24 icons from season 2 bloopers ]

tesla's been a bad vamp
[ +49 assorted tesla icons +1 icon form the score ]

not evil, just morally corrupt
[+29 Cabal icons]

this is history
[+23 Doctor Who icons]

prelude to a kiss
[+68 icons from the five]

let there be light
[+12 nikola tesla and katharine johnson]

flicker and fade
[ +21  animated icons from haunted ]

this is the way to earth
[+100's of bsg icons]

dark tunnels, dark intentions
[+48 icons from the five]

and that's a wrap!
[+12 behind the scenes sanctuary]

eternity is not forever
[ +59 icons from haunted ]

terrify me, thrill me, kill me
[+16 icons from the five]

look what the vamp dragged in
[+111 icons from sleepers]

what was that line again...
[+22 behind the scenes sanctuary icons]

this suit is ruined
[+52 icons from the five]

no angel
[+81 icons from sleepers]

i love you
[+4 icons from the five]

chemical heart
[+16 james watson icons]

i used to be an actor once!
[+33 galaxy quest icons]

science and history
[+30 icons from the five]

aw just a little nibble
[+26 icons from ice age 2]

science - with benefits
[+6 nikola tesla icons]

something wicked this way comes
[+40 icons from the five]

i want to hear you say the words
[+48 animated icons from sleepers]

i can show you the future
[+44 icons from the five]

old fashion romance
[+6 jy icons]

painting with light
[+8 alan rickman icons]

a tad crazy
[+55 icons from the five]

there's nothing wrong with a little world domination
[+48 jy nikola tesla icons from brilliant!]

i used to be an actor once!
[+8 snape icons]

lesser mortals
[+7 icons from the five]

things you shouldn't do in college
[+53 assorted sanctuary icons]

black and white
[+26 icons from the five]

[+45 icons from end of nights]

and so they were all like " . . "
[+26 icons from end of nights]

and you are?
[+7 primeval 2 SGA]

ghosts in the darkness
[+14 end of nights]

i must not emboss my forehead
[+50 things I must not do :  lexx | stargate | the fifth element | dr who | bsg ]

it's all for you
[+12 alan rickman icons]

kiss me and i'll save your life
[+29 nikola/helen icons]

i'm a genius, that's why
[+15 random nikola helen icons from sanctuary and brilliant!]

oh my god
[+44 mesmer icons]

misbehaving is what i do
[+3 animated icons]

this is going to end badly
[+4 sanctuary icons and a wallpaper]

welcome to crazy
[+46 sanctuary icons]

the end is just the beginning
[+52 sanctuary icons]

[+1 stargate icon]

the dead do not
[+30 icons from lexx]

pet name, 'earth'
[+4 random icons]

cubes and galaxies
[+14 bsg icons]

i vote we blame the goa'uld
[+22 bsg icons and random text]

oh please....
[+4 sam/mckay icons]

you're good - very good
[+15 sam/mckay icons]

time and space
[+13 promos from last man promo]

such a shame to part
[+36 from last man]

black and red
[+30 sam/mckay]

[+7 sam/mckay]

red is bad?
[+28 sam/mckay]

[+14 sam/mckay]

waves of sky
[+4 adama/roslin icons]

let's make this look good
[+72 primeval icons]

does this look happy?
[+40 sam/mckay icons]

have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?
[+45 torchwood icons]

save the world...
[+12 sam/mckay icons]

way too serious
[+30 sam/mckay icons]

out here in this rain
[+20 blade runner icons]

dances with wolves
[+30 dances with wolves icons]

[+10 alan rickman icons]

Campmothacampmotha on May 6th, 2010 11:11 am (UTC)
*dies* Could there be a little more EPIC on this page? NO i didn't think so *dies again* LOVE
ellymelly: simpleellymelly on May 6th, 2010 11:52 am (UTC)
LOL thank you :D I had to do something with LJ's new policy of not allowing much scroll back through journal or communities so I thought i better get my act together and create an index :D
Feather Quillfeatherxquill on April 24th, 2013 04:57 pm (UTC)
Just downloaded the shit out of a bunch of your icons. They're fabulous! Thank you! :)